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The Frontier of 3D Printing in Nanomaterial 
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Learn more about how Nanosun's membrane technology are built deliver solutions that are sustainable for desalination.

Municipal Wastewater Management

At Nanosun, we provide quality engineering to ensure minimal chemical use and state-of-the-art design for sewage treatment.

Additive Manufactured Membrane

The additive manufactured membrane is the latest technology developed by Nanosun's scientist. This revolutionary innovation produces quality and high-performance membrane for water treatment.

Industrial Wastewater Management

We customized engineering solution for different industries of wastewater. Each system provides flexibility and maximizes the cost-to-benefit.  

Potable Water

We understand the importance of water resources. Hence, we are dedicated to provide quality solutions to ensure the safety and quality.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Nanosun provides efficient rainwater harvesting systems that are easily installed and fitted into your premises. They are ideal for businesses with high non-portable water demand and provides a great short term payback.

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