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The Frontier of 3D Printing in Nanomaterial 
Australia || China || Hong Kong || Indonesia || Philippines || Malaysia || Singapore

Nanosun is a Singapore based membrane manufacturing company with its own highly competitive research and development (R&D) team.


With more than 20 years' research experience and technological accumulation in the multifunctional nano composite membrane and water industry, Nanosun is one of the only few companies that are able to manufacture a wide range of multifunctional nano composite membranes for removing micropollutants from drinking water, water reuse and desalination pre-treatment.

Taking the lead in innovation for sustainable solutions

Mission and Vision

A vital part of our aspirations at Nanosun is to deliver solutions that are sustainable for solving the water and environmental problem.

Awards and Accolades

Find out more about the recognition received for our dedications and hard work.


Learn more about the technology of Nanosun which shaped who we are today.


At Nanosun, we inspires other to dream more, learn more and become more. Our team strives to give their best.

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Accreditations that we have achieved

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